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Date 23 – 25 October 2019
Venue Hall D2 & Lobby (3F), COEX

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Forge new collaborations with high–level representatives.

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Fuel cells generate electricity and heat through an electrochemical process with no combustion or moving parts. This simplicity of operation yields high-efficiency, ultra-low emissions and exceptional reliability.
The scalable Doosan PureCell® Model 400 operates on natural gas, generating 460 kW of clean electricity and 1.7 million BTU/hour of useable heat. From single fuel cell applications for commercial buildings, to multi-fuel cell installations for data centers, industrial facilities, and microgrids to multi-unit installations, Doosan technical experts collaborate with clients and partners to produce efficient energy solutions.
1. Development and demonstration of grid-based ESS convergence technology including ESS, solar power generation prediction technology, bidirectional charging, and 50kW class multi source with DC coupling.

2. E-on Solution is EcoBrain’s own platform which provides meteorological information, production monitoring, power forecast information, etc. and we build it into a customized system at a place where each customer wants.

3. EVIEW provides an accurate prediction of the distance to empty and charging information service.
ELT will exhibit success story of micro-grid system in the Philippines' Cobrado and Mararison islands with support from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(MOTIE) and Korea Energy Corporation(KEA)
The Energy Transition Forum Korea is an incorporated association that aims to initiate energy transition to renewable and clean energy. Recognizing the impact of the current energy system, centered on nuclear power and fossil energy, on future generations and the global environment, various stakeholders including experts, civic groups, politicians, business corporations and individuals gather to share information, join discussions, and suggest policy alternatives. Our main aims are to form social consensus for energy transition, minimize social and economic conflicts, and devise optimal alternatives in the process of energy conversion.
The exhibition provides insights into BMZ and GIZ work in the renewable energy space and is aimed at foster the dialogue between different stakeholders, such as representatives from the developing countries, private sector, ministries, other donors and academia.
Close cooperation and exchange at an international level to develop strategies and programs to solve environmental policy issues
Green Investment Group is active in over 12 countries spanning Asia, North America and Europe, GIG supported green energy projects with a total transaction value of over £20bn (KRW29.5 trillion), delivering 8GW of operational renewable energy capacity.
As a leading global green investor, GIG has significant experience and expertise in offshore wind. To date, GIG has supported 14 offshore wind power projects with a capacity of 6GW.
Hanwha Q CELLS is a total energy solution provider world-wide.
The concept of our booth is 'Eco-Friendly Lounge ’. We will screen our company introduction and product video, as well as CSR -related video to highlight the sustainability of our business.
Hyundai Motor Company recognizes the importance and impact that automobiles have on society and mankind. It strives to play a role that extends beyond being a simple car manufacturer to become customers’ lifetime companion. It will build connections with customers by fulfilling its vision to become a “lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond” and participate in working “together for a better future” as a constituent of Hyundai Motor Group.
I-Solar Energy is introducing new technologies and concepts for each exhibition, and at the 2019 International Renewable Energy Conference held at COEX, also introduces new PV technologies.
There are three solutions that I-Solar Energy is going to display at the exhibition. The first one is one person PV plant model for farmers called Smart Farm where can create profits with minimum labor to put in. Second one is Solar Roof that showing the best efficiency rate in bi-facial PV module power generation without making a hole or separate structures for old, renewal required rooftop. Finally, blind type PV power generation model, I-Blind with flexible module which can installed at each household’s living room.
Especially, the upgraded Solar Roof using PosMAC can be applied to rooftop renewal as well as new construction and it is leading Korean rooftop PV industry currently as I-Solar Energy’s main product.
1. BIPV Solar Module Test Equipment Introduction Panel
2. Window system with crystalline, thin-film BIPV module
3. Color glass module with chromatic technology
Korea Engineering Consultants Corporation has been providing professional engineering services for more than half a century to public and private clients. Our mission is to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to satisfy our clients' specific needs. Our highly-trained staff offers expertise in providing a full array of civil consulting services.
The "Energy Transformation in Data & Statistics" is an exhibition designed to examine the long-term energy flows and explore the energy future for a sustainable society. The exhibition is composed of the following sections. .
KEPCO E&C will exhibit Utility-Scale Solar Power EPCM Technology, Wind Power EPCM Technology, Fuel Cell Power Plant, P2G Technology Integrated with RES, Jeju Hallim Offshore Wind Farm Project.
Recent and outstanding R&D achievements model (such as a technical introduction display panels and exhibition display models, etc.) in the area of renewable energy developed by the Korea Institute of Energy Research.
Korea Testing Laboratory(KTL) was founded in 1966 with the aid of UNESCO as Korea’s only public comprehensive testing and certification organization. KTL has contributed to the country’s economic development by fulfilling its own duties of the times, such as the development and dissemination of testing and evaluation technologies as well as support for international certification acquisition, which enhance the qualitative and technological edge of Korean companies and strengthen their export competitiveness.
KTL’s main Businesses
Electrical and Electronic products –Information and Communications –Medical and Healthcare
Materials and Components –Mechanical System –Environment –Industry Standards –Technical Training
KTR is a differentiated testing & certification institute that helps
its customers advance their technologies and directs them towards success.
KTR provides more than 350,000 certificates of analysis
to approximately 40,000 companies annually.
KTO will provide special traditional programs for KIREC delegates. There will be plenty of Korean- fun to be had through a range of on-site experiential programs, such as Korean Tea Class and using Korean style calligraphy to write your name in Korean. Attendees will also get to discover Korea’s expanded convention support programs.
Samho Enviro-Tech will exhibit and advertise technology for energy recovery from bio waste disposal in Vietnam and the SRF model.
International Participants can experience Korean culture on-site at your event with a Seoul promotional booth. For the duration of your event, a Seoul tourism concierge desk and experiences such as a Korean traditional clothing (hanbok) photo zone.
SELTECH is manufacturing the solar inverter for 10 years. We are authorized partner of Hanwha solar modules as well as LG and Samsung Energy Storage System products. We has revolutionized the way energy is delivered--providing homeowners, businesses, schools and governments a more affordable and sustainable alternative to electricity from utilities
In order- to- maximize the convenience of eco-friendly EV users. it is required to increase the charging speed. Signet EV’s 350kW(power cabinet and dispenser type) super - fast charger is a highly scalable and compatible model with innovative cable safety system that allows you to design a flexible charging infrastructure based on customer’s requirements . Signet EV. one of the top leading company is participating in the project to build super fast-charging infrastructure with differentia ted technology. The safety and convenience of users are Signet EV’s top priority consideration . and we do our best to make a better charging environment for EVs
SolarConnect will exhibit Business area and business promotion in IT services, the status and performance of feasibility cases for overseas projects.
Ulsan Metropolitan City has promoted to Ulsan Metropolitan City on July 15, 1997. The area is 1,061.4km2 and has a population of 1.17 million (as of June 30, 1919.) Ulsan City has the third-largest export volume in Republic of Korea and is well known as the "Industrial City" with the highest per capita gross domestic product (GRDP) in the country. These are three main industries of Ulsan: petrochemicals, automobiles and shipbuilding. The petrochemical industry is the nation's No. 1 producer and the automobile and shipbuilding industries are the nation's No. 2 producer, while the petrochemical and automobile industries are the nation's No. 1 export and ship exports are the nation's No. 2 export. In addition, renewable energy production ranks 1st among Metropolitan Cities. In addition, we are focusing on floating offshore wind power generation, hydrogen economy, oil gas and hub of Northeast Asia, and nuclear reactor dismantling industries as energy-related industries.
A Quantum Leap U4 Platform
Optimized for both onshore & offshore application.

The brand-new 4MW+ wind turbine platform developed from scratch, combines innovative solutions with proven, reliable technology developed over 20 years of wind business.

Ensuring maximum return on investment, the U4 platform with its ingeniously modularized Nacelle can be transported and installed with existing equipment serving 2MW class turbines.
The U136-4.2MW has a class leading rotor swept area of 14,470m2 for class IA, thus represents an optimal solution for high turbulence mountainous sites while the U151-4.3MW with an extended rotor diameter is optimized for low wind sites prevalent in the south western coastal region of Korea.

Exhibition Guideline

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