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COEX (Convention and Exhibition Center) Website

COEX is many conventioneers’ venue of choice, providing more than 20 years of meetings industry experience in the heart of Seoul’s business district. On-site facilities include three five-star hotels, a huge underground shopping mall, a city airport terminal that connects to Incheon and Gimpo international airports, and an advanced IT infrastructure ensuring that all business, entertainment, shopping and cultural needs could be met under one roof.

The center consists of four main exhibition halls and 54 meeting rooms. It hosts an average of 200 exhibitions and over 2,000 separate meetings and events annually. The facility is brilliantly designed with the provision of innovative high-tech. The center has also undergone extensive environmental renovations and hosted a variety of alternative energy projects as part of its ground breaking Green Campaign. The capacity, business infrastructure and prime location are the main reasons to select COEX as the venue for the IREC 2019.

KIREC Seoul 2019 Floor Plan