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** The list of speakers is subject to change.


  • Ayu Abdullah

    Energy Action Partners
    Regional Director for Southeast Asia

  • Rana Adib

    Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century
    Executive Secretary

  • Harish Ahuja

    India Go Solar
    Founder & CEO

  • Fahed Al Hammadi

    Climate Change & Green Development, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, United Arab Emirates

  • Natasha Allen

    Mee Panyar
    Founder & Managing Director

  • Gavin Allwright

    International Windship Association
    Secretary General

  • Thomas André

    Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century
    Project Manager & Analyst

  • Rafael Barros Araujo

    Brazil Energy Research Office
    Technical Consultant

  • Ruggero Arico

    Enel Green Power
    Head of Institutional Affairs for Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania


  • Matthieu Ballu

    European Commission

  • Ki-moon Ban

    Korea’s National Council on Climate and Air Quality

  • Jesper Bank

    Port Esbjerg
    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Matthias Bausenwein

    President of Asia Pacific

  • Amit Bhatt

    World Resources Institute, India
    Executive Director

  • Sascha Brandt

    Global Off-Grid Lighting Association
    Communication Manager

  • William Brent

    Power for All

  • Sebastian Bringsværd

    Floating Wind Director

  • Marit Brommer

    International Geothermal Organization
    Executive Director

  • Adam Brown

    Energy Insights Ltd


  • Andrew Chang

    New Energy Nexus
    Program Director, China

  • Nick Chaset

    East Bay Community Energy
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Alexios Chatzimpiros

    Samsø Energy Academy
    Project Manager

  • Sang-Min Cho

    Korea Energy Economics Institute

  • Yongsung Cho

    Korea Energy Economics Institute

  • Jongwoong Choe


  • Kisuk Chung

    Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning

  • Tony Clamp

    Green Climate Fund
    Deputy Director of Private Sector Facility

  • Oisín Clancy

    Inhabit Solar LLC

  • Ute Collier

    Practical Action
    Head of Energy

  • Claire Curry

    Bloomberg New Energy Finance
    Head of Digital Industry Research


  • Debi Prasad Dash

    Customized Energy Solutions
    Executive Director

  • Christopher Dent

    Edge Hill University
    Professor of Economics and International Business

  • Mark Dooley

    Global Investment Group
    Global Head

  • Morten Dyrholm

    Vestas Wind Systems A/S
    Senior Vice President

  • Francoise d'Estais

    United Nations Environment
    Head of Finance Unit


  • Hannah E. Murdock

    Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century
    Project Manager & Analyst

  • Laura E. Williamson

    Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century
    Outreach & Communication Manager

  • Amanda Eichel

    Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy
    Executive Director

  • Gabriela Elizondo Azuela

    World Bank
    Global Lead Clean Energy


  • Olivier Feix

    Authorized Officer / Head of Environmental Policy, Permits and Participation

  • Rabia Ferroukhi

    International Renewable Energy Agency
    Director of Knowledge, Policy and Finance

  • Manfred Fischedick

    Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy
    Vice President

  • Paolo Frankl

    International Energy Agency
    Head of Renewable Energy Division


  • William Gaillard

    Vestas Asia Pacific Wind Technology Pte Ltd
    Vice President of Sales, Asia-Pacific

  • Peter George

    United Nations Foundation, Clean Cooking Alliance
    Senior Director for Private Sector & Investment

  • Rana Ghoneim

    United Nations Industrial Development Organization
    Chief of Energy Systems & Infrastructure Division

  • Arunabha Ghosh

    Council on Energy, Environment and Water
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Duncan Gibb

    Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century
    Project Manager & Analyst

  • Irene Giner-Reichl

    Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition

  • Marvin Go

    Asia Pacific Commercial Director

  • Stefan Gsänger

    World Wind Energy Association
    Secretary General

  • Robert Guild

    Asian Development Bank
    Chief Sector Officer

  • Merve Güngör

    Finnish Association for Nature Conservation
    Liaison Coordinator

  • Kushal Gurung

    WindPower Nepal


  • H. A. Vimal Nadeera

    Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority
    Deputy Director General of Renewable Energy

  • Jakyung Hahn

    R&D Group, KT
    Vice President

  • Kirsty Hamilton

    Chatham House / Former Low Carbon Finance Group
    Senior Policy Advisor / Associate Fellow

  • Seung Ho Han

    Seoul Energy Corporation
    General Manager of Smart Energy Team

  • Thorsten Herdan

    Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany
    Director General

  • Miguel Herrero

    SolarPower Europe
    Policy Advisor

  • Mary Anne Hilt

    Sierra Club

  • Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes

    European Renewable Energies Federation
    Vice President

  • Kwonpyo Hong

    Korea New and Renewable Energy Association
    Vice Chairman

  • Anders Hove

    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, China
    Project Director

  • Noe van Hulst

    Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy, Netherlands
    Hydrogen Envoy

  • Jinsol Hwang

    The Bridge International
    Founder & CEO

  • Brent Hyde-Smith

    Country Head Korea


  • Tetsunari Iida

    Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies


  • Nanda Jichkar

    Nagpur, India

  • Neha Juneja

    Greenway Grameen

  • Jens Jæger

    Alliance for Rural Electrification
    Policy & Business Development Manager


  • Tomas Kåberger

    Renewable Energy Institute, Japan / Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
    Executive Board Chair & Professor

  • Andrew (In Chul) Kang

    Solar Connect

  • Chaitanya Kanuri

    World Resources Institute, India

  • Jiseok Kim

    Green Peace East Asia
    Climate and Energy Specialist

  • Yunsoung Kim

    Green Energy Strategy Institute
    Research Fellow of Research Dept.

  • Hyung-geun Kim

    Ulsan City
    Public Officer & Advisor of Employment & Energy

  • Sohee Kim

    Climate Change Center

  • Soyoung Kim

    Seongdaegol Energy Community

  • Eui Seung Kim

    Seoul Metropolitan Government
    Assistant Mayor of Climate & Environment Headquarters

  • Yeon-ji Kim

    Seoul Metropolitan City
    Director of Headquarter for Climate and Environment, Energy Citizens Cooperation Division

  • Heejip Kim

    Seoul National University
    Visiting Professor of Graduate School of Engineering Practice

  • Joon Ha Kim

    Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
    Professor & Full Professor of School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Engineering

  • Jae Min Kim

    Korea Maritime and Ocean University
    Research Fellow of ETRS Centre

  • Hee Cheul Kim

    Hanwha Qcells and Advanced Materials
    Global CEO

  • Sae Hoon Kim

    Hyundai Motor Group
    Head of Fuel Cell Center, Vice President

  • Dohyun Kim

    Young Climate Activist

  • Sungwoo Kim

    Head of Environment & Energy Research Institute

  • Sam Kimmins

    The Climate Group
    Head of RE100

  • Sebastian Kind

    Ministry of Treasury, Argentina
    Undersecretary of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency

  • Drew Kodjak

    International Council on Clean Transportation
    Executive Director

  • Soren Kvorning

    President of Asia Pacific Region


  • Francesco La Camera

    International Renewable Energy Agency
    Director General

  • Emmanuel Lamptey

    Accra, Ghana
    Deputy Mayor

  • Remigijus Lapinskas

    World Bioenergy Association

  • Vicky Lay

    Artesian Venture Partners
    Managing Director

  • Tun Lean

    Ministry of Mines and Energy, Kingdom of Cambodia
    Undersecretary of State

  • Jude Lee

    Greenpeace East Asia
    Deputy Program Director

  • Hom-Ti Lee

    Industrial Technology Research Institute
    Deputy General Director

  • Yujin Lee

    Institute of Green Transition

  • Sungwon Lee

    Korea Transport Institute
    Senior Research Fellow

  • Myoungju Lee

    Myongji University
    Professor of College of Architecture

  • Anne (Kumjung) Lee

    Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning
    Program Director for Smart Grid, Clean Power Planning Division

  • Seung-Bok Leigh

    Yonsei University
    Professor of Architecture

  • Thierry Lepercq


  • (Steve) Il-Hyung Lim

    LSIS Co., Ltd.
    Senior Research Engineer

  • Baohua Liu

    National Energy Administration, The People’s Republic of China
    Vice Administrator

  • Hugo Lucas Porta

    Institute for Energy Diversification and Energy Saving, Spain
    Head of Regulatory Framework and Corporate Strategy for the Energy Transition

  • Peter Lundberg

    Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association
    Head of Operations


  • Terea Macomber

    GRID Alternatives
    Electric Vehicle Project Manager

  • Stefan Mager

    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
    Head of Project

  • Sumedha Malaviya

    World Resources Institute
    Manager of Energy Program

  • Steven Marshall

    Government of South Australia

  • Marco Martuzzi

    World Health Organization

  • Paul Mbuthi

    Ministry of Energy, Kenya
    Deputy Director of Renewable Energy

  • Nikola Medimorec

    Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport
    Senior Researcher

  • Alan Meier

    University of California, Davis

  • Nithya Menon

    Okra Solar
    Product Owner and Engineer

  • Hyejung Min

    Sustainable Energy for All
    Energy Efficiency Specialist Consultant

  • Jurabek Mirzamahmudov

    Ministry of Energy, Republic of Uzbekistan
    First Deputy Minister

  • Fanny Missfeldt-Ringius

    World Bank
    Lead Energy Specialist

  • Simon Müller

    Head of Energy Systems


  • Divyam Nagpal

    University College London

  • Kee-Yung Nam

    Asian Development Bank
    Principal Energy Economist of Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department

  • Harald Neitzel

    Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
    Deputy Director of International Cooperation OECD and OECD-Countries

  • Ralfs Nemiro

    Ministry of Economics, Republic of Latvia

  • Sbu Ntshalintshali

    City of Durban
    Renewable Energy Manager


  • Mika Ohbayashi

    Renewable Energy Institute

  • Teruyuki Ohno

    Renewable Energy Institute
    Executive Director

  • Gerard Ostheimer

    World Business Council for Sustainable Development
    Managing Director


  • Hanah Paik

    Carbon Disclosure Project
    Lead of Asia Pacific

  • Kyung Soon Park

    Korea Energy Agency
    CDM Certification Center Manager of Global Project Division

  • Jee Young Park

    Hanwha Group
    SVP, Corporate Communications

  • Hyerin Park

    ENOMAD Corp
    Founder & CEO

  • Won-soon Park

    Seoul Metropolitan Government

  • Jeong Soon Park

    Korea Energy Economics Institute

  • Won Seo Park

    Unison Co., Ltd.
    Managing Director of Wind Business Division

  • Sasmita Patnaik

    Council on Energy, Environment and Water
    Program Lead

  • Glenn David Pearce Oroz

    Sustainable Energy for All
    Director of Policy and Programs

  • Stig Uffe Pedersen

    Danish Energy Agency
    Deputy Director General

  • Erwin Penfornis

    Air Liquide
    VP H2 Energy Asia-Pacific

  • Cédric Philibert

    International Energy Agency
    Senior Analyst of Renewable Energy Division

  • Attilio Pigneri

    The Hydrogen Utility™ - H2U

  • Kuljit Singh Popli

    International Solar Alliance
    Advisor of Secretariat


  • Mark Radka

    United Nations Environment Programme
    Chief of Energy and Climate Branch

  • Lea Ranalder

    Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century
    Project Manager

  • Atul Raturi

    The University of the South Pacific
    Associate Professor

  • Tim Reber

    National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    Project Lead of International Programs

  • David Renne

    International Solar Energy Society

  • Lily Riahi

    United Nations Environment Programme
    Programme Manager and Partnerships

  • Clare Richardson-Barlow

    University of Leeds / The National Bureau of Asian Research
    Postgraduate Researcher / Non-resident Fellow

  • Frank Rijsberman

    Global Green Growth Institute
    Director General

  • Yeulis Vidal Rivas Peña

    National Energy Commission of the Dominican Republic
    Director of Alternate and Rational Use of Energy

  • Mathis Rogner

    International Hydropower Association
    Senior Analyst

  • Athena Ronquillo-Ballesteros

    Growald Family Fund

  • Larissa Rose

    National Manager

  • Bárbara Rubim

    Climate Action Network
    Climate Action & Ambition Program Officer


  • Aditi Sahni

    Vivid Economics
    Engagement Manager

  • Milag San Jose-Ballesteros

    C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
    Regional Director for East, Southeast Asia and Oceania

  • Antina Sander

    Renewables Grid Initiative
    Deputy CEO

  • Sunita Satyapal

    US Department of Energy / International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy
    Director / Chair

  • Mohamed Sefiani

    Municipality of Chefchaouen, Morocco

  • Wang Jin Seo

    Seoul Metropolitan Government
    President of the Seoul Institute

  • Alexandra Sidorova

    World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization
    Senior Program Officer

  • Jelena Simjanovic

    RWE Renewables
    Head of Business Development, South Korea

  • Stephan Singer

    Climate Action Network International Secretariat
    Senior Advisor Global Energy Policies

  • Choong Yul Son

    World Wind Energy Association
    Vice President

  • Kyungjin Song

    Innovative Economy Forum

  • Pil-Bae Song

    Asian Development Bank
    Senior Energy Expert of Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department

  • Ruchi Soni

    Sustainable Energy for All
    Senior Energy Specialist

  • Adrian Stone

    City of Cape Town

  • Anchun Jean Su

    Center for Biological Diversity
    Energy Director

  • MST Aziza Sultana

    ME SOLshare Limited
    Head of Operations

  • Yunmo Sung

    Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Republic of Korea

  • Young Sunwoo

    Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment / Konkuk University
    President / Professor


  • Minoru Takada

    United Nations
    Team Leader of Sustainable Energy

  • Pierre Telep

    Green Climate Fund
    Renewable Energy Senior Specialist

  • Allan Han-Huei Teo

    World Green Building Council
    Head of the Asia Pacific Network

  • Sven Teske

    University of Technology Sydney
    Research Director at the Institute for Sustainable Futures

  • Hendrik Tiesinga

    New Energy Nexus
    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Ibrahim Togola

    Mali-Folkecenter Nyetaa

  • Davaasuren Tserenpil

    Ministry of Energy, Mongolia


  • Togo Uchida

    ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability

  • Elizabeth Urbanas

    Department of Energy, U.S.A.
    Deputy Assistant Secretary, Asia and the Americas


  • Dipti Vaghela

    Hydropower Empowerment Network
    Networking Manager

  • Maryke van Staden

    ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, World Secretariat

  • Rian van Staden

    Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform
    Platform Coordinator

  • Johannes Vogel

    Asian Development Bank
    Energy Specialist

  • Ellen von Zitzewitz

    Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany
    Deputy Head of Division


  • Nicholas Wagner

    International Renewable Energy Agency
    Program Officer of Renewable Energy Roadmaps

  • John Walker

    Macquarie Capital

  • Angelika Wasielke

    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit-Support to the Covenant of Mayors Sub-Saharan Africa Initiative
    Team Leader

  • Michael Williamson

    United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
    Section Chief

  • Peta Wolpe

    Sustainable Energy Africa
    Managing Director


  • Ramakrishna Yagati

    Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, India
    Member Expert - Working group on Bio Fuels & Member - Apex committee on Methanol Economy

  • Won Young Yang Yi

    Energy Transition Forum Korea
    Secretary General

  • Tae-young Yeom

    Suwon, Republic of Korea

  • Alice Yiu

    Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport
    Associate - Policy Advocacy and Outreach

  • Taeseung David Yoo

    Copenhagen Offshore Partners Korea

  • Won Jung Yoon

    Korea District Heating Corp.
    Head of International Cooperation Dept.

  • Taehwan Yoon

    Root Energy Inc.
    CEO & Founder

  • Jung-Min Yu

    The Seoul Institute
    Associate Research Fellow of Department of Safety and Environment Research

  • Jae Ho Yun

    Korea Institute of Energy Research

  • Sun-Jin Yun

    Seoul National University
    Professor & Full Professor of Graduate School of Environmental Studies


  • Arthouros Zervos

    Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century

  • Alex Zhang

    Eco Foundation Global
    Secretary General

  • Xizhou Zhou

    IHS Markit
    Managing Director for Global Power & Renewables