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Opening Ceremony
Welcome & Keynote Speech
High-level Panel (Ministers/Mayors etc)
10:45 - 13:00
Lunch (13:00 - 14:30)
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5
Policy and Market Design Cities (Organized with Seoul Metropolitan Gov't) Finance Innovation: New Energy Solutions Special Issue:
Socio-economic Benefits
14:30-16:00 14:30-16:00 14:30-16:00 14:30-16:00 14:30-16:00
Systematically Advancing Renewable Energy Globally and in End-use Sectors: The need for better integration Cities: Their role in advancing the renewable energy transformation Financing Large-scale Renewables Digitalization Making the Energy Transformation Inclusive
Coffee Break (16:00-16:30)
16:30-18:00 16:30-18:00 16:30-18:00 16:30-18:00 16:30-18:00
Creating Investor Confidence in the Renewable Energy Sector / Innovative Mechanisms to De-Risk Investment Planning the Energy Transformation in the Face of Rapid Urbanization Financing Small-scale Renewables: What is needed? What are the challenges? Energy Systems of the Future Renewable Energy Sector
= Employment and Job Creation
Welcome Reception
(Hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government)